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We accept all kinds of scientific communication projects. These include writing documentation, information architecture, and customised workshops on scientific writing or career topics. A sampling of recent projects includes:

  • Substantive editing of grant proposal for pharmacokinetic studies in specific population to address potential bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence issues, resulting in $2.8M grant funding
  • Editing successful NSF-ARI grant proposal for chemistry building renovation under very tight deadline resulting in grant of over $750,000
  • Editing journal article that had been rejected twice, resulting in acceptance by same journal "without revision"
  • Editing scientific papers and dissertations written by ESL (English as a Second Language) scientists, prior to submission
  • Writing documentation for new medical device, to be used by opthamological surgeons during surgical procedures, both operator and 3 levels of service manuals
  • Writing documentation for new medical device, to be used by cardiac surgeons during invasive surgical procedures
  • Teaching "Structured Writing for Better Reports" to senior technical staff
  • Writing 4 research results articles for publication in peer-reviewed journal for US FDA, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
  • Substantive editing and re-architecture of manuals for major medical software application
  • Substantive editing of trade jounal article and opinion piece for semiconductor industry
  • Preparing technical documentation for large medical equipment manufacturing firm, including 250 page user Reference Manual, on-line help files, and Installation and Administration Guides.
  • Creating and updating presentations on chemical employment issues for the American Chemical Society
  • Reviewing SBIR proposals for the National Science Foundation and writing funding opinions
  • Multiple proposals, outlines and finished reports on world-wide pharmaceutical quality assurance testing
  • Writing SBIR grant proposals
  • Weekly competitive intelligence reports on genomics industry
  • Detailed analysis of market research reports
  • User and Administrator documentation for client/server cheminformatics system for LeadScope Inc
  • Updating SYBYL FAQs for Tripos
  • XML database with 2 different XSL style sheets, using LotusXSL to convert full version for browser access and a shorter version for PalmPilot storage.
  • Writing documentation, tutorials, and marketing sheets for more than 22 scientific software packages and SYBYL modules for Tripos, Inc.
  • Updating website for new release and writing tutorial for Cherwell's ChemSymphony, 1997. (Purchased by NetGenics in 2000.)

Web Site Architecture

Software Usability

  • Working with developers on interface and functionality issues for cheminformatics software package for LeadScope, Inc.
  • Performed critical evaluation of The BMSL Browser from Visual Genomics, Inc., and provided written report.
  • Critically evaluated new desktop chemical structure drawing package (ChemPrint) and desktop molecular modelling package (HyperChem) for Tripos, Inc. and provided written report.
  • Performed critical evaluation of Instrument Maintenance and Calibration System (IMCS) software from WindowChem Software, Inc. and provided written report.

A complete publication list is also available.

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