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Nontraditional Careers for Chemists: New Formulas for Chemistry Careers, Lisa M. Balbes, published by Oxford University Press, October 2006.

"The Spirit Within," history of the Greater St Louis Area Council from 1976-2012, published May 2014, by Tim O'Donnell and a team of dedicated Scout leaders.

The Role of Conformation and Residues 35-46 in the Binding of Prothrombin to Phospholipid Membranes, Ph.D. Dissertation, UNC-CH, October 1989.

Book Chapters (4)

"Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier (Or, You Can Learn From My Mistakes)," Building Your Best Chemistry Career Volume 1: Academic Perspectives, 2020, Chapter 3, pp 17-25.  DOI: 10.1021/bk-2020-1366.ch003.  

"From Permission to Poise: Five decades of career advice for women", chapter in Addressing Gender Bias in Science and Technology, Edited by Samina Azad, with Michelle Francl, an ACS Symposium Series book, published 2020 August.

A Perspective of Modern Methods in Computer-Aided Drug Design, Lisa M. Balbes, S. Wayne Mascarella and D. B. Boyd, invited chapter in Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 5, K. B. Lipkowitz and D. B. Boyd, Eds., VCH Publishers, New York, 1994, Chapter 7, pp. 337-380.

Bovine Prothrombin Fragment 1: Conformational Studies and the Role of Residues 35-46. Lisa M. Balbes, Lee G. Pedersen and Richard G. Hiskey, in Peptides: Synthesis, Structure and Function, J. Rivier, G. R. Marshall, Editors, Escom Press, 590-591 (1990).

Career Development for Scientists Articles

Physics Today

Eos articles for the American Geophysical Union

On the Job blog for the American Geophysical Union (16)

Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist (21)

InChemistry (11)

Chemical and Engineering News, ACS Industry Matters (3)

ACS Careers Tips, published in Chemical & Engineering News

American Chemical Society Careers Blog

Philanthropic Gesture Leads to International Friendship, The Nucleus, Summer 2007, pages 15, 24, 26.

Career Profiles of Chemists, series of 12 articles, American Chemical Society, December 2006.

What a Chemist should consider before becoming a Consultant, published by the American Chemical Society, July 2004.

Careers in Chemical Information, published 03 December 2001 in ACS's JobSpectrum.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Evaluation of Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity in Rabbits for MB-102, a Fluorescent Tracer Agent Designed for Real-Time Measurement of Glomerular Filtration Rate, Joseph E. Bugaj, Richard B. Dorshow, International Journal of Toxicology, 2022, Vol. 0(0) 1–9, .

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion in Professional Athletes: Allograft Versus Autograft, Hotchkiss, William R. MD; Clavenna, Andrew L. MD; Nimmons, Scott J.B. MD; Dossett, Andrew B. MD.  Clinical Spine Surgery: May 16, 2022 - Volume - Issue - 10.1097/BSD.0000000000001343.  doi: 10.1097/BSD.0000000000001343.  Editorial Support.

Perspective: Soybeans Can Help Address the Caloric and Protein Needs of a Growing Global Population, Mark Messina, Front. Nutr., 06 May 2022  Editorial Support.  

Absence of developmental or reproductive toxicity in rats for MB-102, a fluorescent tracer agent for point-of-care measurement of glomerular filtration rate.  Joseph E.Bugaj and Richard B.Dorshow. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, Volume 131, June 2022, 105158. .  Editorial support.

Assessing Rodent Gnawing of Elastomers Containing Soybean Oil Derivatives. Richard P. Heggs, Brian C. Pierce, Lisa M. Balbes, Keenan C. McRoberts, Michael A. Streicker, and Keith B. Cockerline. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering  2020, 8, 49, 18015-18022 (Research Article).  Published December 4, 2020.

Characterization of MB-102, a New Fluorescent Tracer Agent for Point-of-Care Renal Function Monitoring.  Jeng-Jong Shieh, I. Rochelle Riley, Thomas E. Rogers, Lung-Fa Kao, Richard B. Dorshow. Volume 109, Issue 2, February 2020, Pages 1191-1198.

Transdermal fluorescence detection of a dual fluorophore system for noninvasive point-of-care gastrointestinal permeability measurement, Richard B. Dorshow,  J. R. Johnson, Martin P. Debreczeny,  I. Rochelle Riley, Jeng-Jong Sheih,  Thomas E. Rogers, Carla Hall-Moore, Nurmohammad Shaikh, L. Colleen Rouggly-Nickless, and Phillip I. Tarr, Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 10(10), 1 October 2019, 5103 - 5116.  Editorial Support.

Effectiveness of MB-102, a novel fluorescent tracer agent, for conducting ocular angiography in dogs, Christopher G. Pirie DVM, Thomas E. Rogers PhD, Richard B. Dorshow PhD, Am J Vet Res 2020;81:428–436.  Editorial Support.

Next tier in vitro and in vivo nonclinical studies further elucidating the safety
and toxicity profile of MB-102, a novel fluorescent tracer agent for measurement of glomerular filtration rate

Richard B. Dorshow*, Joseph E. Bugaj, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 107 (2019) 104417. Editorial Support.

Clinical analysis and quantitation of MB-102, a novel fluorescence tracer agent, in human plasma. Jeng-Jong Shieh, I. Rochelle Rileya and Richard B. Dorshow, Anal. Methods, 2018, 10, 2376-2383. Editorial Support. 

Faraldos, J.A.; Giner, J-L.; Smith, D.; Wilson, M.; Ronhovde, K.; Wilson, E.; Clevette, D.; Holmes, A.; Rouhier, K. “Enzymatic Resolution of 1-Phenylethanol and Formation of a Diastereomer: An Undergraduate 1H NMR Experiment to Introduce Chiral Chemistry” J. Chem. Educ. (2011) 88(3): 334-336. Editorial Support.

Strength in Numbers: The St Louis Area AMWA/Society for Technical Communication Freelances' Luncheons, Joanne M McAndrews, PhD, and Lisa M. Balbes, PhD., AMWA Journal, 2009, Vol 24, No 1, pages 45-46.

International Reach of the American Chemical Society, The Nucleus, Nov. 2008, pages 9, 10, 11 and 15.

Alcance internacional de la American Chemical Society. Daniel J. Eustace, y Lisa M. Balbes, (2007) Revista Industria y Química, 356, pp 41-45. (article in Spanish)

Career Options Beyond the Bench, inChemistry, November/December 2007, pages 15-16.

Raman Chemical Imaging for Ingredient-specific Particle Size Characterization of Aqueous Suspension Nasal Spray Formulations: A Progress Report
Doub, William H., Adams, Wallace P., Spencer, John A, Buhse, Lucinda F., Nelson, Matthew P. and Treado, Patrick J. Pharmaceutical Research, (May 2007) Vol. 24, No. 5, 934 - 945.

Stability, Dose Uniformity, and Palatability of Three Counterterrorism Drugs - Human Subject and Electronic Tongue Studies. Nakissa Sadrieh, James Brower, Lawrence Yu, William Doub, Arthur Straughn, Stella Machado, Frank Pelsor, Emmanuelle Saint Martin, Terry Moore, John Reepmeyer, Duckhee Toler, Agnes Nguyenpho, Rosemary Roberts, Donald J. Schuirmann, Moheb Nasr, and Lucinda Buhse, Pharmaceutical Research (2005), 22(10), 1747-1756. Editor.

Quality assessment of internet pharmaceutical products using traditional and non-traditional analytical techniques, Benjamin J. Westenberger, Christopher D. Ellison, Andrew S. Fussner, Susan Jenney, Richard E. Kolinski, Terra G. Lipe, Robbe C. Lyon, Terry W. Moore, Larry K. Revelle, Anjanette P. Smith et al., International Journal of Pharmceutics, (2005),306, 56-70. Editor.

Predicted Secondary Structure of Bovine Prothrombin Fragment 1 and Related Proteins in Different Environments by Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy, Lisa M. Balbes, Lee G. Pedersen and Richard G. Hiskey, International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research, (1992), 40, 127-133.

Modeling and Dynamics of Human Synovial Fluid Phospholipase A2, Lisa M. Balbes and F. Ivy Carroll, Med. Chem. Res. (1991) 1, 283 - 288.

Molecular Modeling of PLA2, Lisa M. Balbes and F. Ivy Carroll, NCSC Flyer, March/April 1991, Volume 3, Number 2, pages 1,7.

The Influence of Type A and B Behavior Patterns on the Perceived Quality of Dating Relationships, Lisa M. Rosenberger (Balbes) and Michael J. Strube, J. Appl. Soc. Psychol., (1986) 16, 277. Summary published in Psychology Today magazine.

Trade Publications (11)

Operational vision: Adoption of in-line monitoring and real-time release, BioPhorum, 2022 June.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts, STC Intercom, June 2013, pages 19-20.

Strength in Numbers: The St Louis Area AMWA/Society for Technical Communications Freelancer's Luncheons, by Joanne McAndrews and Lisa M Balbes, AMWA Journal, 2009, Volume 24(1), 45-46.

"St Louis: Over 100 Years of Chemistry", by Lisa M. Balbes and Lucinda F. Buhse, Chemical Bond, October 2007, pages 8 - 11. Archived by the Academy of Science of St Louis.

Speeding Drug Discovery by Predicting Pharmacokinetic Properties in Silico,  published in Drug Discovery and Development.

"High Throughput Screening: Speeding up a Crucial Process" published in British magazine sp2, April 2002.

"Combinatorial Chemistry: Managing the Information Flood", published in Specialty Chemicals Magazine, September 2001, pages 16-17.

"Application of Protein Modeling in the Elucidation of Enzymatic Catalysis", published in September/October 2001 issue of American Genomic/Proteomic Technologies.

From Target to Drug in the Virtual Discovery Lab, by Lisa M. Balbes, Malcolm Cline, and Denise D. Beusen, Drug Discovery and Development, April 2001.

Drug Discovery Tutorial: Protein Sequence to Lead Compounds, by Lisa M. Balbes, Malcolm Cline, and Denise Beusen, Genetic Engineering News, Volume 21, Number 6, March 15, 2001.

Managing Chemical Structure and Property Data in Oracle for Scientific Computing and Instrumentation, March 2001.

Online Publications (19)

Outsourcing your Pharmaceutical Project?, published 2015 May.

Careers in Perspective: Chemists Can Do Anything, published in, 2008May08.

Book review of "Introduction to Chemoinformatics", to be published in the Alchemist.

Profile of Theodore Gray, published in the Alchemist, September 2003.

World's Largest Water Clock, published in Alchemist, 03 October 2001.

Symbolic Logic and Artificial Intelligence, published in Alchemist, 5 October 2001.

Chemistry of Glass, published in November, 2001 issue of Chemistry.

Four Steps in One: Synthesis, Separation, Screening and Analysis of Combinatorial Libraries on a Single Media, published in the Alchemist, 7 April 2000.

Charleston Conference Travel Awards , published by Network Science, March 2000.

New Technique Simplifies Analysis, published in The Alchemist, 23 Sept 1999.

Travel Award Winners Reap Many Benefits, a profile of the winners of the first annual Charleston Conference Travel Awards, published in Network Science, March 1999.

So You Want a Web Site....What Now?, published in Chemical Web Marketing and Technology, September 1998.

How to Work with Children Around, published in Career Magazine, June 1997. Reprinted in West County Kids.

Analyzing Website Traffic, first published in Chemical Web Marketing and Technology, Volume 1, Issue 3, April 1997. Reprinted in Web Developer's Journal in May 1997.

Repetitive Stress Injuries - Personal Stories
Published in Network Science, the WWW Journal of Science and Technology, December 1995. Followup article was published in the February 1997 issue.

How to Get Free Home Office Equipment
The Next Best Thing
Dealing with the IRS
Commisioned three part series published in January and February 1995, on Global Network Navigator, a WWW magazine published by O'Reilly & Associates.
Entire series reprinted in Columbus Computer Society News, April-June 1995; The Younger Chemists Committee Newsletter, Spring, 1996; The Secretary, 1995, and Career Magazine in 1996.

My own world famous Guide to Rational (Computer-Aided) Drug Design, first published on the Computational Chemistry Discussion list in February 1992.

Book Reviews for the Alchemist (8)

An Introduction to Chemoinformatics, by Andrew Leach and Valerie J. Gillet, review published 16 March 2004.

Careers with the Pharmaceutical Industry, second edition, Peter D. Stonier, Editor, review published 10 Dec 2003.

Modern Methods in Drug Disovery, Edited By: Hillisch and Hilgenfeld, review published 2 Dec 2003.

Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry: Drugs, Catalysts, Materials, edited by K. C. Nicolaou, R. Hanko, W. Hartwig, 2 volumes, review published December 2002.

Combinatorial Library Design and Evaluation: Principles, Software, Tools, and Appplications in Drug Discovery, edited by Arup K. Ghose & Vellarkad N. Viswanadhan, review published July 2002.

Job$ in the Drug Industry by Richard Friary, review published 15 December 2000.

Career Management for Scientists and Engineers by John K. Borchardt, review published 8 September 2000.

Pharmacophore Perception, Development and Use in Drug Design, edited by Osman F. Guner, review published 28 July 2000.


"Teaching chemistry outdoors: The BSA National Jamboree 2010"
Rein U Kirss, Lisa M Balbes, Arlene Garrison, Matt Lasater, Barry Streusand, Michael J Verschoor-Kirss. Oral Presentation at the ACS National Meeting in Denver, CO, 2011 Sept 01.

"Mountmellick Work: The embroidery that saved a town -- twice." by Lisa M. Balbes, Ph.D. published in Needle Pointers, Vol. XXIX, Number 5 -- September 2001, pages 9 - 13.

"Mission Accomplished", By Lisa M. Balbes, Ph.D., published in Needle Pointers, Vol. XXIX, Number 3-- May 2001, pages 24 - 30.

Molecular Modeling of PLA2, Lisa M. Balbes and F. Ivy Carroll, NCSC Flyer, March/April 1991, Volume 3, Number 2, pages 1,7.

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