Interesting Networking Idea

I was invited to a very interesting party over the weekend. It was hosted by a Chinese gentleman who works with students who have just come to the US from China, helping them learn their way around. The purpose of the party was to help the students practice their English – to get them in a room with native English speakers, where they’d have to speak English, and not slip back into their more familiar Chinese.

About 25 of us chatted for a few hours about the MBA program the students had come here for, St Louis sights, differences between the two countries, and much more. The students got to practice English, and we learned some more about their culture. What a great idea!

It’s started me thinking….what groups do I belong to that have a specific need, and what creative ways might we address that need?

Hello world!

I’ve been collecting career development information for almost 15 years now, as a volunteer career consultant for the American Chemical Society. Over the last 2 years, I collected even more, writing a book on nontraditional careers for chemists. I realized it was not doing anyone any good just sitting in my closet, so I created this blog to share it with the world.

I hope you find some of it useful.