Generational Differences

As I mentioned in an earlier post, different generations have different expectations for their careers.

Penelope Trunk has a post entitled “New financial data highlights generational rifts” that adds another perspective to this discussion. Basically, she says the younger generations are more concerned with time, and balancing their personal and professional lives, than they are with money. It’s interesting to note that the further away people get from the Great Depression, the less worried they are about financial security.

One Response to “Generational Differences”

  1. I don¹t think it’s true that the further you get from the Depression the less concerned people are about financial security. Generation X is way more concerned about money than Gen Y because Gen X graduated into a workplace where there were no jobs; ­ the worst market since the Depression. Gen X was very poor until the Internet boom started. Gen X has known a time when there were no jobs, and it was very bad.