Leaping To New Opportunities

A new article entitled Leaping To New Opportunities was just posted in Chemical and Engineering News.  (Note:  I am quoted in this article, and you may have to be an ACS member to get access.)  It talks about how the landscape of chemical employment is changing, and in order to find employment chemists are having to change as well.  Some go willingly, some are dragged into new fields.

In my personal experience, those who take the time to examine what really fulfills them at work, and find employment that speaks to that, end up finding positions that make them very happy.  Those who refuse to see themselves in any other light end up making themselves miserable.

We all change over time, and being willing to try new things and challenge yourself is a big part of life.  It not only keeps things interesting, but lets you learn more about yourself, and better understand others.  After all, if I can learn to like camping, anything is possible!