5 Replies to “The Future of Business Cards?”

  1. At NERM, three presenters I was with all indicated that we could be found and connected via LinkedIn.com . Nonetheless, a half dozen (10%) of the audience requested business cards.

    All said, do you think one should be prepared for several methods of networking.

  2. Definitely – I always try to discern the preferred method of communication of the other person, and use that. Some prefer email, some phone, some Facebook messages…..

    If I read correctly, you invite anyone who attends one of your workshops to connect on LinkedIn? How does this work for you? I usually reserve connections to those I have interacted with at least a few times, preferably in person. It does not do much good if I look at my LinkedIn connections 6 months later and can’t remember who the person is. Do you not have that problem? (I’d love them to add a feature so that I can make a note of where I met the person.)

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