Maybe the message is getting out?

I’m seeing a lot of blog postings lately on networking. With all the bad economic news, people are starting to realize that it really is other people who can help them, and meeting other people is called “networking”. I saw a great post the other day that said The worst thing about networking is the word itself“, and I agree with her. Everyone is constantly meeting new people – some you will quickly forget, others may become good friends over the course of time. “Networking” is no more than making sure

Purely professional online networking, Linkedin is the undisputed leader. Jason Alba just published a new version of his book I’m on LinkedIn — Now What?. If you’re not using LinkedIn, or not using it effectively, this inexpensive, quickly read book will get you started. You will learn not only how to improve your own profile and make yourself more “findable”, but how to use the new features and searches to connect to people who can help your career.

I’m also seeing more people, and more different kinds of people, on social networking groups like Facebook. Facebook is almost completely a social site, full of games, interaction, and fun. While it can be a way to deepen a connection with a professional colleague, it can be difficult to decide exactly what, and how much, to share.

And as great as electronic networking tools can be, they are not a substitute for meeting actual people in person, spending time with them, and finding things you have in common. That is what causes real connections, makes you remember them, and might make them remember you.

So make time to have coffee with a friend, lunch with a colleague, or contact an old employer just to catch up. You never know when a casual contact will provide you with a valuable nugget of information, or even better, will give you the chance to help someone else out. Reach out now, when you don’t need anything, and your contacts will be more willing to take your calls when you do need something.

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  1. Niche job boards are still a good supplement too. Employers view them as a way to target prospective employees in a certain geographical area and a certain field of expertise at much lower cost than contracting with a professional recruiter. Job seekers may want to focus their energies on niche job boards that will e-mail the latest job opportunities to members, because that can free them up to do more interviewing and networking.

  2. This note on networking is one of the key differences your blog offers. It is on target with solid insight, clearly stated and ends with helpful lines. I find it best to remember to read your entries right to the very end, not like a newspaper article!

    Most new people looking for positions have trouble making the initial contact. What would you recommend to them? Especially non US citizens…

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