Resource List Updated

For those of you who are considering nontraditional careers, I just updated all the links at

Everything there now works, so feel free to check out all the resources and places you can take your career.  And if you know of any other great resources that should be listed there, please let me know about them.

Organic Chemists Move Away From the Bench

Chemical and Engineering News just published an article entitled Organic Chemistry Far From The Bench. In it they tell stories of a number of scientists with education in organic chemistry, who have found career satisfaction in wildly different areas, from CEO of a biotech firm to a senior trade analyst. Knowing your own strengths and interests, as well as flexibility, are keys to success in, or out of, any field.

Check it out!

Why do we go into science?

Why did you choose a career in science? (Or why did you not?) A brief article recently posted talks about Science and Career Uncertainty . While it’s all well and good to try to convince more people to go into the sciences, we want to make sure they know what they are getting into. Unrealistic promises and expectations do not do anyone any good.

The author makes the same point I have been making for years – there are a plethora of careers out there that let you be involve in science, without having to work at a lab bench. What we need to do is make students and young professionals aware of these options, so they can make more informed decisions about their professional futures.

Ideas on how to do this are more than welcome!