Sample Memo


Company XYZ agrees to provide the following equipment, for the use of employee Joe Doe:

%One CRAY Y-MP Supercomputer, serial number 12345

%One phone cable

%one fast modem

%UNIX, AMBER 4.0 and Chelp software packages

%Complete documentation for all listed software and hardware

Company agrees to provide the above equipment in working condition, and to provide all required repairs, to be performed on-site at the company.

Company further agrees to provide software and hardware upgrades as required, to maintain compatibility with on-site equipment. Joe will be responsible for transporting the equipment from company property to his home, and for returning it to company property when necessary. Joe Doe agrees to install software upgrades and to obtain insurance to cover the $1,000,000 replacement value of listed equipment against loss, theft or damage.

This equipment is to be used in Joe Doe's home, for company-related work only. Joe Doe agrees to be responsible for any damage to equipment caused by using it for non-work-related activities or by persons other than Joe using the equipment.

Upon termination of Joe's employment with XYZ, all materials must be returned to the company. If mutually agreeable, Joe Doe may purchase the equipment for a fair market price at that time.

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